Our Projects.
Altura Group are in the early stages of development for a number of projects, with a focus on pumped storage hydro projects that support the growing supply of renewable resources into the Australian energy market. Our projects are designed to provide energy to the national electricity grid, delivering energy at the times and locations it is needed most. At Altura Group, how we work is just as important as what we do. We value and respect our relationships with stakeholders and consider these to be central in all we do, working together to create a dialogue through the project planning phase, refining our projects that seek to accommodate key issues in a transparent way. Throughout project construction and the life of the project, our relationships with our stakeholders remain our first priority.
The Goat Hill Project is a “closed loop” inland pumped storage hydro project positioned at Lincoln Gap approximately 12km west of Port Augusta. With a capacity of up to 250 MW and 8 hours of storage, the Goat Hill Project is well positioned to provide reliable and affordable energy storage and firm, flexible power into South Australia. The Goat Hill Project is moving through development phases, to further define costs and to support an investment decision in the second half of 2018, with a view to being operational as early as late 2020.
• A new entrant in the South Australian power sector.
• Represents significant investment to the South Australian economy.
• Direct economic benefits, particularly during construction, leveraging the strength of South Australia’s civil contracting industry.
• Significant contribution to resolve energy security and reliability challenges, representing the lowest cost grid scale energy storage.
• Enable South Australia to increase use of wind and solar, resulting in further local investment and strengthening broader economy, with potential to increase energy flows into Eastern States.
• Uses existing infrastructure (275kV network near Davenport; & SA Water Morgan Whyalla Pipeline).
Pumped storage hydro is a type of energy generation that provides the ability to ‘store’ energy, a little like a battery. At Altura, our projects are designed to provide energy to the national electricity grid. The projects involve construction of two large earthen ‘turkey nest’ type dams connected by a pipeline. The powerhouse to generate energy is located underground. The project works by pumping water uphill to the upper reservoir in times when there is an excess of electricity in the national electricity grid, and releasing water downhill through turbines to the bottom reservoir to make energy at times of high demand, such as early evening. These plants are incredibly quiet and efficient (at around 80%) and can be made available in only a matter of minutes, making it very competitive with other energy storage options such as battery storage. The figure (below) shows how a pump storage hydro plant operates.
source EEG

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